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Re-entry Issues and Links


Each year more than 600,000 people are released from prison. The obstacles to successful reentry are daunting and a large proportion of inmates end up returning to prison although they were adamant that they would not be the ones to return. In recognition of the human and financial toll of recidivism, there is an interest among both community advocates and public officials in prisoner reentry initiatives. We will continue to update this page as we get more information.

 Colleges and Companies who signed pledge to offer second chances

For additional re-entry documents click here and then select Category of Re-Entry 

 Updated Housing Directory for Returning Citizens

MCIW Women of Wisdom Provide Support 

 Baltimore Re-entry Resource Guide

 Washington DC Re-entry Booklet

Preparing for Re-entry

National H.I.R.E. 

Maryland Community Services Locator

 Legal Services (Baltimore 410-685-0525

Locate local Department of Social Services

 SAIL - web based screening for food stamps, temporary cash, medical assistance

ID Cards, Birth certificates, etc Maryland's One-Stop Career Center

Maryland Photo ID ($15) MVA - 1-800-950-1682

 Check for lowest prescription prices in areaJobs in Metropolitan DC area

 Jubilee - Help finding jobs in Metropolitan DC Area

United Way of Maryland - 24 hr confidential information and referral services in 150 languages. In Baltimore call 410-625-9409. 

Maryland Money Helpline - Financial advice, Consumer Credit Counseling. 1-877-254-1097 


 Note: Some information in these pamphlets may no longer be current.